Wednesday, January 13, 2010


To all those interested in participating in this International Scarf Exchange:

Having been a past "ISE" participant, I was waiting excitedly for the new ISE to start. While our last hostess was experiencing problems in the late part of 09 I can only assume that life has given her enough to handle at this moment. As we have all been there I'm sure we can all be understanding.

So I decided to continue on with this very cool exchange. I have never hosted an exchange before. I hope you will consider joining however, I ask for patience and understanding as I learn the ropes.

As with any exchange we all have to abide by the timelines and the responsibility that we accept when joining. You are expected to finish your scarf and mail it to the recipient. Additional "gifts" for your pal are not required. I have no control over the amount of "stuff" in your package.

If I missed something - apologies. Let me know and I'll try to clear it up.

Sign ups through Feb 15th 2010

You will be forwarded your recipient by Feb 22nd 2010

Scarves ship by April 15th 2010

During this exchange I request that you post to the group blog every 2 weeks and drop a line to your recipient every two weeks also so both your recipient and I know your not flaking out.
(That's only 2 quick postings in 1 two week period or 6 total)