Sunday, June 20, 2010

Thank you Wendy!

I recieced the really cute blue and green spring fresh scarf quite some time ago, but never got around to posting here... Sorry! I do wonder about the stitch you used, though, Wendy, it was new to me!
I got some very cute cat cards as well, along with some Asian candy (a bit unusal tasting.. ;) )
My cat loved the wrapping most, I made a toy with the coated paper and string, attached a bell to it - and it is still in use :)

Thanks for hosting, Karrie! This is a fun game to be part of.


  1. Hello Mille:)
    I'm glad you like the scarf.What a relieve!
    And the stitch I use is called Drop Stitch.
    I found this stitch before I started preparing for your scarf.
    I found a video here.

    And I'm happy you and your lovely cat like my little treats:)
    Have a great time!!

    ps.I already recieved my scarf package but never had a chance to open it cause I'm in my college dorm and I'll open it tomorrow right after I get home!!!Can't wait.
    Thank you to the lady who made the scarf for me❤The package arrived safely.

  2. Oh yay! I am your partner, Wendy, so glad to hear you got it. I hope you enjoy!