Monday, June 28, 2010

The unwarpping of my scarf

I unwarpped my scarf package from the adorable lady Leah just then. Thank you very much Leah. I love the scarf you knitted for me very much! The color of yarn makes me think of ocean and I love the little beans you add on the side♥ I'm going to find a big debut for it!(But the weather is very
Leah prepared me a lovely Eco-friendly set. There's a cute greenroom notebook , a mini sized reusable bag(with flower and polka dot patterns, those two are my favorite!) and a nature feeling project bag with orange humming bird on it. Leah used beautiful paper napkin to warp the treats. I unwarpped them carefully in case I can use them to make decoupage or something else:)
I think I knew Leah's my pal at the first time I recieved her email and, she really is. Thank you again Leah. You make my first ISE project so wonderful. And thank you Mille, my downstar pal, it's a great experience to knit for you! There's a thank you for Karrie, thank you for manage this project and work so hard on it.
Wish you all a great day♥


  1. Yay! You are very welcome. I had a really good time putting it together for you. Enjoy! And I's BOILING hot here in Brooklyn right now too...

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